Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing VS Practicing

 Some students and fellow guitarist asked me why, why ,why ,why ,why they can't seems to improve in their playing? Why i can't get the sweep picking like Malmsteen after hours hours of guitaring ? and i get a lot of , I can't do it. I'm just a normal guitarist, i can't play like that. This is the best i can do.
Let me clarify on this...

All Guitarist Can Do What Others Can!!

The secret behind it? 

From my opinion, It started of from the state of mind.

Don't understand ? Let Me say it again

It started of from the state of mind.
Everything starts from your mind, = your thinking. How you think and believe.
If you think & believe you can sweep like malmsteen , sure you can after some serious practicing. If you don't believe, you will not ever get there even if you practice for 50 years. Self confidence i would say. Dig it?

After you got your mind set, the second thing is to understand this 2 terms correctly in English.

 Playing Guitar and Practicing Guitar.

Playing Guitar,

Is when you just pickup the guitar and strum or doodle of some tunes in your head. Randomly going through what comes to your mind , translating ideas from mind impulses to the sound of picked/strummed guitar strings. Nothing serious, challenging the creative mind.
What this improve?
Song writing, creative exercises, the interest of the guitar, to be spontaneousness.Create human guitar connections.    

Practising Guitar,

An organize schedule of improving tech or song reps. Practice on given exercises planned to improve a certain skill. Serious. Result based. Building memory to your finger muscle brains and articulations.
What this improve?
Your desired skill/tech/song reps. 

So what did common guitarist don't understand?

Let me tell you what common guitarist suffers from.
They started of practicing what their guitar tutors gives then after they got the 1st 2 to 3 skills they than turn from practicing to playing. 

Lack of determination?

Try applying what i said and observe. Try think practice than playing for now.
Set a goal and be like this...

SO take your time and till then... check out this Blues Singing Poodle.

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