Friday, April 22, 2011

Acoustic OR Electric ????

  Last week i got a customer sending her 12 years old daughter to my shop signing up for guitar class. As usual i brief her about the fees and classes provide for the month and duration of the class while her daughter was sitting there eyes looking around the place, staring at the guitars i have in stock.
Very common situation and scenario for me as i have been good treating customers and i can proudly say that i do have a good level of customer service as i have been working as a customer service for a big company for more than 3 years.

1 of the most common Question that i find interesting is this.

Which is Better?
Acoustic guitar or Electric Guitar?
Some parents or adult students don't understand, the meaning of learning an instrument. To me, either Acoustic guitar nor electric . It's the same.
Really, it's the same if it is a bass guitar or piano or cello or violin or drums or whatever instrument that you can learn to play. The only thing matter most is learning to play MUSIC with it. that's all it's about. There's no better instrument. It's all the same.
The most important to me is whether or not the person that is going to learn have the interest or will to learn it. That is what matter most to me.
I wanna to learn the guitar, any guitar will do. Bass? Acoustic? Classical? Ukulele? i play it all.
So back to reality.....
I answer the parent the most simple answer of all, i looked at her daughter. Smiled and ask her to point me the guitar that she like, she point at an electric guitar. Then i told the Mom, acoustic or electric? it's the same. As long as your daughter is happy learning it, that will the ONE.

Seeing her daughter smiled from ear to ear holding the electric guitar i brought it down from my hangers , The Mom looked satisfied with my answer.

I have been playing, learning , teaching , analyzing , recording the guitar 15 years now and still counting.
If you ask me, What is most important thing you need learning the guitar?
I will answer you " Passion"
Without Passion, you will learn and gain nothing.
A word of advise from Music Star Academy

*** Just to add some stats, my teachers and i have found out that students learning guitar now consist of 80% female. Only 20% of boys learning guitar. What happen to the rest of the boys? PSP? XBOX 360? come on guys!!!

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