Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guitar Hero > Any Good?

Heard this game before? Play this game before?
Before answering PLS watch this video BEFORE you go any further!!

Amazed? Ok in the game there's no nude dude like in this trailer.
When i first got this game it was in the Playstation console. Guitar Hero with a Mohawk guy on the cover. So i load it and started playing. Wow, i played the game for hours like there's no tomorrow. It's basically a rhythm based game where you press the buttons according to the screen telling you when to press it on tempo emulating the guitar notes while your hero is performing behind.
It's so fun cause you got Pantera's Cowboys from Hell! , Dragonforce's Through The Fire & Flames and hell all the songs that will keep your Mojo driving.The later series of the game let you customize a guitarist and also customize your very own guitar from the wood to finishes. For a hardcore Guitarist like me, This game is THE ONE !

The Question
Is it good? Rumors said that it's gonna kill the new generation to stop learning to play the real guitar.
Will it?
Well if you ask me. I think it's going to increase more guitarist in future. This game is exposing the young kids how is it like or how cool it is when you play the guitar. It's something that you can't tell anyone with words. How can you tell someone your feeling when you nailed down a hendrix's tune? Or how you feel when get to solo or while soloing a Van Halen's song? When you get real high tapping triplets on 240Bpm on a heavy metal backing track? 
You CAN'T. You need to do it to feel it.You need to cut into your own skin to feel the pain. Words can't do it alone. When kids play GUITAR HERO, they felt it. They will one day transfer that if not 100% but 60% to the real thing. Jamming on the real thing. 

Frankly, after playing Guitar Hero 80's Rock myself. I learned all the cool songs in the 80's that i never knew.
Then i try it on my guitar. Exposed to me then increase my vocab in music.
How Cool It That?

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