Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pedal Or Not??

Pedal? Multi-effects? StompboX? Wah? whammy? Delay?........
Ok, i'm very sorry i didn't update the blog and keep you cool guys waiting and wondering where have MSA blogger went. I was kinda BZ with MSA, more customers = more time needed to spend = less time to blog..LOL
Back to Topic before i go wander around to other stuffs....Oh ya... PEDALS!!
You may have 2, you may have 5 or you may have 50...
It's all the gadgets guitarist or bass player need to satisfied their lust to have the PERFECT TONE!! The Perfect SOUND! the Perfect Whatever the creative music hears in his or her head..
How many do you have?
Me? i used to have 25 of them.... sold them off...down to 5 and wanting more...LOLZ
Ok...what's the big deal about this post??
I recently got a question on MSA's Facebook, A guy named Lim Mingqin ask about "Bass Muff or Bass Blogger?" 
So i am going to answer that question in this post and share with all of you coz i think it's an interesting subject. Most people i know bought effect pedals even they don't know what it can do and what it's doing. They bought it for the sake of buying it, coz it's a trend to have some of these...
Well that's a sad thing to know.
1st we need to know what it is? It a box containing electronic components to change or alter the sound impulses to a desire Freq or any modification of the sound wave that it's unusual. Like a distortion pedal, emulate a burst/cracked up amp sound by expanding the sound wav to high and over the normal freq causes it to crack. then you have modulations like chorus/phaser/flanger and stuff which they control and mod the sound wav.
2nd we need to that in the real world we have tons of pedal available for purchase, but the questions is always which is the BEST PEDAL? There's NO BEST PEDAL, every pedal from every brand is unique. It all have certain tone or sound, coz the components used are different , the PCB board design are different . unless the China ripped of pedals...LOL.
SO for your answer my good friend, i can only let you know what Big Muff is and Bass Blogger have to offer and you need to make your decision, Big Muff is design based on the legendary overdrive sound of the British Big Muff for guitar, as if you use it on the bass you will get the bottom cut of, so Electro Harmonix build one for the bass like a big muff but with the bottom end uncut, so bass player can enjoy the sound of a big muff bass guitar.(= overdrive sound like a British amp/dirty) Bass Blogger in the other hand is a new tech from Electro Harmonix, this pedal you get both overdrive and also a fuzz, as they will not build the same sound pedal as both is from the same brand, this pedal is more boosted and able to crack and fuzz higher than the bass muff(=overdrive & Fuzz/dirty + higher driven sound). EZ to say that the bass muff is a vintage car and bass blogger is the modern sport car. Both is high in price and in trend but the different is the people that like it.. Some people like vintage cars and some like sports car, both is great but you need to know what type of bassist you are, metal? rock? or versatile?
if for me, i'll get the Bass muff this week and Bass blogger next week, the reason is that I'M a JUNKIE....
Anymore QUESTIONS? ask ask ask.....

   Check out some pedal boards i googled....

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