Sunday, August 11, 2013

Play what you sing, sing what you play

Once you can do this, So many have come to me to learn the kinda ultimate skill , "guitar soloing" and thought one can be master the mentioned skill overnight and it's only partly true.


You may learned it overnight but to solo like Van Halen? In your dreams bro...

You can only understand the soloing concept but far from really understanding the meaning,feel of Improvisation . The note choices the modes the tri tone substitution .

And yes it may seems to be intimidated , but its true to the bone. In order to solo like yngwie malmsteen, you need years of experience on improvisation or learn the top 100 best solo's of all time. But don't give up yet, if they can solo so can you. You only need to start now.

First all you need to do is be able to play the basic of guitar, means playing chords and single notes. Then practice singing what you play, make try to match what you play to what you sing. The. Idea is to sync your mind with the guitars note with your hands or fingers as the bridge.

The idea is simple, if you can't sing what you play. You don't know what you are doing at all.

So try....... and see if you are playing what you can sing..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It All Started with 3

Once upon a time not very far away, My friend and i started this so to called Music School, it have been a ride going through all the hurdles in life and the school. We have lots of funny stories going on and if i have the extra money i will produce a tv series out of it... surely you guys will laugh your lungs out.
One of the story is this,

CAN you imagine we started off with limited capital and launch our trading with only 3 guitars?

Yup just 3 as you see beside. The photo is the real thing and real life. Well life's hard, frankly speaking. Lots of sacrifice have to be made, but i believe in " There's no such thing as Nothing for something" Although it's not a famous law or teaching , for me it's rule number 1. The more you put in, it will give back. The more people laugh at what you are doing you will have bigger desire to put more. Hence the return is huge. With just 3 guitars on stand, we worked from that profit until today, we have 2 stores containing 20+ guitars each. and looking forward to bring more in.
NO... it's hard work. Being able to do the same things everyday by increase of difficulty each time we do it. It's like playing Tetris in the older times where every level will add speed and it's never gonna end.
Patience and believe in what you do is crucial. If you don't believe who is?

We made it from 2 brothers to a family of musicians here in Music Star Academy, not because we have the values as i said above but also what we give. We always believe in giving more to our customers and students and with their trust in us, We are what we are today.

I would like to thank all of you who supported us and believe in us all these years.

We will continue to bring more great future in music for you and your future.