Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hand Craft Guitars

Looks like i'm getting hot on the weird guitars...LOL...well i guess it's just me..I Love weird things.
Hence weird guitars!!..
When i was 4 i favorite cartoon hero is Skeletor or Mumm Ra
Skeletor from He Man

It's not the hero i am interest in but the villain...why? coz there rocks! How cool is a skull face man? haha
WEIRD right?
ok today i am about to show you hand crafted one of a kind guitars. The one that few factory will mass produce coz it's weird to be commercial.
They have to be hand crafted to put in more soul...creepy?

Mumm Ra from Thundercats

In Malaysia it's hard to get people to craft the guitars if you know any hardcore crafted that got passion about crafting guitars and it's good.. Drop me a line.. ok?

Alien on your guitar?
I think i would take months to craft this if he is doing it for part time. LOL..
This is the famous George Lynch skeleton guitar. He mentioned that this guitar is not playable. HAHAHA
Some Fantasy stuffs can be put on.
Ok, Enough?
SO here's the last thing..
Can anyone tell me how to PLay this thing?


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Must Hear & Download May 2012

Ok, I always wanted to do this but it doesn't come to mind.
Yesterday my student ask me to recommend for hearing and it just "POPS OUT"
Well here you go, the top 5 ..
You guys may leave a comment or send an email to include your recommend track which i'll post in the next

Number 1)

Al di Meola - Race with Devil on Spanish Highway

Number 2) 

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn

Number 3)

Animals as Leaders - Cafo

Number 4)

Freak kitchen - Nobody´s laughing

Number 5)

Peter Green w/ John mayall's bluesbreakers - The Peter Green - The Stumble

Well Hope you guys enjoy the Guitar Stuffs!!
More next time!!