Monday, April 30, 2012

How Many Necks do you Need?

Guitarist Are somewhat weird peoples, They like more than they need. They eat more than they can chew. 
And the greatest thing is, They Want more guitars then they can play... But to get more weird ...even
back to the Renaissance... They made multi neck lutes.. SO today we have 12 neck guitars?

I mean can you imagine playing this thing? How are you going to hang it around your neck?
Believe it or not ? Guitarist is crazy to this level... Like Pantera said, "A WHOLE NEW LEVEL"

Ok, reality is guitarist want more than 1. so we have 2 necks guitar, 3 neck and the it goes...
Some may have 12strings for 1 neck and a 6 on  the other, some may have a mandolin on the upper part and a bass on the lower.
Imagination may go wild with this stuffs, you may just need a RM10k Credit Card to customize. LOL....

Heavy? Well this guy from CHeap Trick don't mind playing it for years on stage.

Just more photos that i found on the net to keep your mind go wild just for this once... Pamper yourself...ok?

this is Vai's thing...WOW WOW WOW T_T

This is FAMOUS, Michael Angelo Batio!!

Now the question is, will you have once for once in your life?

Will I Have one??? gotta ask my



Brand NEW!!

Here's How to Win This Guitar!
All you need to do is to design a Facebook Cover For Music Star Academy.
Rules are simple.
1) Like Music Star Academy
2) Design a BMP/PNG/JPEG file in 850 X 310px.Must Include Music Star Academy wording or Logo.
3) Send over to
4) Ask all of your friends to like MSA FB pages and like the design when we post it here.
5) The Design with the most "like" will take the guitar home.
6) No copyright infringement. Please make sure that all elements strictly adhere to international copyright law.
7) No advertisements should be contained in the template.
8) Keep it kid-friendly and “safe for work”.
9) This contest end on 1st June 2012, 11:59pm.

10) Employees of MSA and hired freelancers hired by MSA are not eligible to enter this contest. By submitting a design you are agreeing to license your work to MSA, and MSA have all rights to use it for any purpose. Designs submitted after June 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 am EST will not be eligible for this contest.There will only be 1 winner for the prize mentioned. The rules, judging criteria, and other items may be adapted, edited or removed without notice.