Monday, March 5, 2012

Acoustic Guitar FAQ..


How r you guys....??
Doing good? Rocking out? or Having a blasting time playing your Guitar?

Well, i have a story to tell. One of my students here in MSA is so into his guitar that he broke his guitar's neck during the night, lol.. because he slept with his guitar.....Fell and there you go....
HAHAHAHA funny, (i do slept with my guitar when i was young,oppss...)

OK, i have many questions about acoustic guitars lately...

How to buy a good acoustic guitar?
What is Solid top?
What is Quilted maple?
IS the bigger the body the better?
What is jumbo size?
What are nylon strings?
What is Parlor guitar?
Is there a 12 string guitar?

So i hope i can clear some of these things out, coz yes i answer all of them because i 'm consider a Guitar freak that take the guitar trivia very seriously... I mean VERY VERY SERIOUS.

Solid Top:
SOlid top means that the top of the guitar body i mean the soundboard is made of a solid wood, which also means that it is a whole piece of wood originally and not laminated wood. Laminated wood = plywood of woods that glued together. So solid spruce ( wood from a pine like tree) are the famous tops that is used for acoustic guitars. The longer you use solid tops it will likely to have better tone as the wood gets older like wine... So the glue of laminated wood will cut the mid of tone sounds and imagine if you have an all solid construction of guitar. You'll move a tree when you play the guitar!!...

12 strings:
The mystery of the 12 strings, No you do not need 8 fingers to play the 12 strings. It is just 6 strings divided into 2 finer strings. So you will fret 2 strings together as you would fret 1 string in a normal 6 string. You will get a chorus like sound when you play the Dig?

Jumbo body & Parlor:
We have a few famous body type of acoustic guitars, we have a Dreadnought, 38" , Cutaways, Jumbos and Parlors.. Of course there are more, but these are the famous ones. Jumbos will have a big bottom body and parlors are small medieval type of guitars. SO every different shape will give you a different tone.

Quilted & flamed Maple Tops:
Just like solid tops, it is a decor top of the guitar. Just like the ones use in PRS's electric guitars. Like Tiger stripes = flame maple. Some guitars have quilted maple sides and backs and uses a spruce solid top. A very very beautiful combination. Makes any GAS infected personell drool over each guitar they see and hope one day of a huge guitar collection.

Truss Rod:
A metal stick inside your neck , you use it to setup the neck's tension. When your guitar go buzzing like a bee, it's time for a setup and adjust the rod. But pls bare in mind if you make big adjustments you might break a neck...Ouch..!

Tips on buying a Good Acoustic Guitar:
1) Make sure the guitar is not pregnant when you are going to buy it.- Some guitars are poorly kept or being kept too long with high tension on the strings.The bridge may seems like being pull off,hence the guitar body looks pregnant.

2) Low Action: -Pls do not buy a high action guitar. Might hurt your fingers and it will be like fighting Tyson when playing it...

3)Look out for the solid top if it mentioned, Look at the sides of the soundhole. You can see the grain all the way in if it's a solid top. If Not , Dont Get Conned!!

Well ...Thats all i can help on the input of buying and clearing some Acoustic Guitar WOnders...

Hope it helped and if you have any more questions pls do drop me a mail here...

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So long!!

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