Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Everything a teacher wanted most is his/her student to love and excel in the subject they were taught..

After every 30-45 min of hard work... The adult class of Ukulelists completed their Debut course...
And this group class only have 3 months to do it and they nailed it!!


Holding their Certs.....with full of joy!!


Starting Ukulele All Girl band????

- Dennis Y

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi folks....!

How are you guys doing? miss me? i have not blog here in MSA for more than 3 months and now i'm back.
Before we go any further i would like to introduce a new blogger to MSA, JJ Phang !!!!
From now on... we will sign off on our blogs so you guys know which dude is blogging!! The more the merrier!!

Ok.... Now my new Instrument of Choice!!!!!!


Why? well you guys know how i love art...and crafts... Ukulele have not being my favorite until i discover the arts on one... I mean OMG... have you guys seen any ukuleles with art on it???
Now you guys get what i'm saying???
Look at how cool this Ukes are!!! I do not own these ukes but i would love to share it to you guys...
I even dream of owning ukuleles like this after seeing all these on 1 night...
After that i got uke and go crazy learning it, and because i'm a guitarist, i picked up the Uke pretty fast...
and oh yeah...stop crapping and look at these babies...

You what guys i'm just going to shut the hell up and you guys just relax and enjoy the lovely ukuleles that i collected(picture only) so far.... 

By just these photos i'm sure i get you inspire to get one Ukulele and start strumming some songs...

-Dennis Y

Monday, January 2, 2012