Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok, It’s been a while I know… and I apologized for it. I have been buzy preparing stuffs for our!!!

 1   2  3  4  5!!


Hurray! Hurray! We have not been ayear and yet we open a new branch? Are you guys crazy? Lots of people said that….You guys must be nuts!
Actually we’re not, this business is so good no one even trust it! They say Dennis, you need to do lots of stuff you know in order to survive a music store , you need to have this you need to have that, it’s lot of hard work, you need to do 2 jobs for security and etc etc etc etc etc etc…..

Oh well, Teck Chai and me have no problems dealing with the hard work and doing all the stuffs and 2 jobs and maid’s work, instead we feel pumped up in doing so!! We loved to be over work , we love it so much it blasted our adrenaline so hard we shiver the whole time through and end with a good tea Tarik!!

NOW, we are open in Bukit Beruang!!! YES we are now in MALIM JAYA and also BUKIT BERUANG!!
Bringing all the gears and accessories closer to you guys and the most important, we are bring value to you nearer than what you can imaging!!! The lessons we are giving, the pure musicianship we are bringin to you, The Guitars! The drums! The Bass! The piano! The rock ! the Blues ! the jazz! And if I follow anymore I will used up all the space!!!
So you guys that have been living in Bukit Beruang!! Yes you!! Wanna rock like Van Halen or just play the blues like John Mayer!!! Or even Play classical guitar!! Come on over to


Contact us!!!!

Dennis – 012 3607139  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frank Marino - Reborn Jimi?

Born Francesco Antonio Marino in the 1954, Blues Rocker Guitarist - Frank Marino of a band he named himself after the vivid sensation of LSD effects " Mahogany Rush" is claimed by most people "REBORN" again as Jimi Hendrix !!!!
Never heard of this story ya? Yup ! That's why MSA blog is here to inform and educate you loyal MSA dudes of any and every guitar stories around you can show off your knowledge in school or university or workplace and be proud of it.. ROTFL!!!!! 
Alrite Alrite..... I'll cut back to the story...
I have heard many stories of come back of great guitarist that experience near death in life. All the stories are about the same, a dude that don't play well , a nobody and suddenly some accident  happened and suddenly he can play like a Guitar God.

Ok, Frank Marino..... a nobody that is addicted to LSD like most hippies are at that era of 60's or 70's . Got too much and have to depend on hospital medical care to survive, and at that time while he was semi awake, he saw the spirit of Jimi Hendrix walk into his ward and jump right into his body, later the next morning he woke up and began to play the guitar just like jimi hendrix and don't even understand how or why?
Jimi Hendrix really in him? true or not i will choose to be true.
Coz i'm a person that like icings on the cake, it's more meaningful and exciting rather then the boring truth. 
Anyway true or not, Frank Marino's skill on the guitar is unbelievable, he shreds and influences many great guitarist such as The Mighty Zakk Wylde!!!!

Watch these videos to check out!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guitars and their Stories - Hofma HM-33

After servicing so many guitars....I found out 1 thing.
Every Guitar has a story of it's own. Cheap or expensive , New or old..
Every guitar is unique in it's every way even the same model, just like us Humans, 
same but different.
Guitars even the same model are made from different trees and also different parts of the tree.
Like every human, they have a story of their own....

Click on this video for the sound !!!!
This recording is solely recorded with this guitar, without any plans.
This 1 shot tune just came out directly from the guitar's soul. I'm just a messenger. You can hear the sorrowfulness of good bye as it need to depart with it's owner......

Recently i got an old Hofma electric guitar from a friend.
He sold it to me because he wanted to change his life, leaving everything and start new.
When he looked at it for the last time, i can see it in his eyes. The sadness behind, it was the sadness moment for him that day leaving his first acoustic guitar, his Red Hofma electric guitar and his beloved Samick Bass.
When i got the guitar, it was beaten down. The strings are rusty and some are lost.

It got neglected not because of none use but time....the owner's time prevent their partnership.
Faith is done with them and it's now handed over to me, i clean it up , stringed it and adjusted it to it's perfect form.

When i plugged it in, it was perfect. I was shocked how good this guitar is.
Now awaiting for it's new owner,yup we thought we were the survivor... but these guitars see us come and see us go. I wonder how short we have in life now....

 The model name was HM-33 , Hofma brand.
Serial number 9821001 on the back of the neck, the frets are still in good shape.
24 frets?? This guitar is awesome.
Candy red finishing with ding and dang here and there of it's age.
3 single coil pickups and an unusual pickup selector , 3 on/off switches.
1 Volume , 1 tone and a tremolo bar still in good shape.

Now this guitar is waiting for a new owner, even if i'm letting this Red Hofma go, i would need to know who and is he worthy of having this Red

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guitarist's Ultimate EGO - The Guitar Solo!!

When i was in my teen's... the only awesome thing to do is The Guitar Solo!
When jammin' the only time that gives the juice of it all is the time to execute this ultimate skill.
When done, you will be loved and be treated as a god if your guitar solo ROCKS.
The whole band doesn't matter any more as long as you got a great guitarist that can solo, because his solo can save the band.....

This is when everything screws up...

When the guitarist is treated special becoz of "HIS SOLO" he will be the most arrogant person the world can lay eyes on. 
He will then spend more time on practicing Tech and Circus stunts rather than practice as a band and do his 20% role in a band, "in his mind , he is the 100% of the band".
The most important Guy in the band, without him the band is unless...becoz beside him... everyones' a noob.


The band most likely failed and disband. The other players hate him and even not his friend anymore or they would kick him out of the band when they realize the Guitar Rockstar attitude is comin and they foreseen a disband.

The guitarist is weak in playing songs becoz he is spending too much time practicing tech's like sweeping picking, alternate picking etc....until he got no time to learn and write songs which are the most important thing in playing music... what he wants is public attention that he is a great guitarist.....
This guitarist might be enemy of others, because of the "I'm the only best guitarist Attitude"

We can all learn from this situation....
A band = A team
to succeed and being the best winning team you need no Rockstar.
in every team sport, there's no one rockstar that can win the game alone.
It takes the whole team working together to able to get to the top.
Richie Blackmore got kicked out from Deep Purple because of the Ego of his virtuosity.
Malmsteen kick a grandmother in a plane because she is in her way.
Guitarist is that Bad?

Anyway you guys can think of it.... true or not... I'm still guessing (finger crossed)

A collection of Guitar solo's from the greats....

Exploder - by Akira Takasaki (Loudness)

Eruption - by Eddie Van Halen 

Frenzy - by Paul Gilbert

Zakk Wylde Acoustic Solo

So What is YOUR SOLO?