Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guitar Servicing

This has happened many times…..

Most guitars that I get from customers or students are DIRTY!!!
Strings are rusty that you can use as a weapon to kill someone in SAW movies…,
 The fret board is covered with mud made up of the accumulations of sweat from the hand or whatever parts of the human boy.
The guitar body is either oily or full with finger and hand prints, the bridge collecting dust like it’s in an old library for 1000 years..
The neck is bowed to an extend that you can play bow and arrow..then you can join Robin Hood..

COME on Man!!!!! 
Come on Guitarist!!!! 
Have you ever clean your guitars???

It’s like you put it under a tree and leave it there to rain and glared at the sun….

When you buy…. You are taking out YOUR money from YOUR wallet Right?


Oh I see….. it’s like a boy courting a girl and neglect her after successfully being her boyfriend?

As a Guitar Freak myself…. I’m very VERY particular in maintaining the GUITAR…

It’s the most beautiful thing MAN ever create in my opinion of course …(the next is The Internet)
So I polished my guitars(25 of them now) every week… regardless of using it or not…
I make them look pretty all 365days a year…

BUT I have to say….. Thanks to the neglecting….. I get to service So many guitars!!!
In MSA I services at least 5-10 guitars per day…. Man……..
I’m so happy…..(I could cry)…when cleaning them, adjusting them to the optimum performance that they truly are…. When they are looking great and ready to CHEONG (attack in cantonese) I’m like a proud father….lolz

So what do guitarist paid me for???

It depends on how worst the scenario is… but normally I would…

Clean & Wax the guitar’s finishing…
Change the strings and oil them..
Oil the tuning pegs as well as the bridges or tremolo and set them up to perfect positions…
I do the intonations…checked the action… adjust the trust rod…
Adjust the pickups…. And check some grounding issues /wiring/electronics
Check frets if needed..
And see if any modification can be done that can be recommended to the guitarist….

Many more issues that I can help solving, like minor scratches ….and stuffs like that…

So if you guys have no time to take care of your beloved guitar but want it to stay in tip top condition… you guys just need to send it to me… You pay, I do the rest… win-win situation…

How much I’m charging?
Contact me for more detail charges.. meanwhile the normal change string and wax only cost RM15…

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Django Reinhart - 2 Fingers Shred??!!

It was about 8pm when all of the usual dudes of MSA will hang around in the lobby of MSA chatting and talkin' bout guitars and stuff, but that day was different. Django's music was on then the usual FM.
One of my friend ask, "This guy is pretty good". "This guy is Django!" WHO IS DJANGO?
To Me, Django is the father of all shred!
Born 1910, in Belgium ( The best place for Beer, i'm goin there with my dudes later in life, the mission is to test all of the beers around the country ..:) )
Jean " Django" Reinhart, invented The Gypsy Jazz Genre. 
One of the most high levels of shred i can say, the genre is simple.
1 Violin , 1 or 2 Guitars.
Violin plays melodies , guitar emulate the drums as for beat/groove. Guitar Shreds! from time to time.
(Check this out)

He was a Banjo player before he dig guitar, after some accident of a burned house, he suffers from 3 degree burn and relearn to play the guitar , then HE SHREDS LIKE HELL WITH ONLY


OMG!!! Can you believe it?
 He shreds better then anyone with more than 2 frettin' fingers. (Of course in that era)
Who can beat Michael Angelo Batio and Rusty Cooley? Japanese Guitarist??!! haha Look Out!!
Other than that super stuff, I like the way he is, He is so cool, the cigars and the trimmed mustache. The attitude of a rock star which he only cares of his own feelings.Damn!! 

If you guys can dig vintage songs, Django is a must! 

The One i like most about him is his GUITARs... haha guitar freak alert!!!!

D hole and Oval hole guitars, i've check the price of these guitars and MAn are they expensive!!!! We are talkin' bout a few K's here!!!

Alrite for you Django fans wannabe here's the list of the disco i get from Wiki,


Last and not least, The Genius Of Jazz Guitar!! If you wanna play Jazz then you need to Check him out!!