Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adults Can't learn guitar? True Or False?

One lovely evening, 1 man around his 40's came to MSA with his young 6 year old daughter asking for music lessons. First he ask for the usual thing.... Hey do you guys give piano lessons for 6 year olds? how much? how long? which day? can be on a Sunday?
Usual questions that i will encounter in everyday life in Music Star Academy.. kinda like i can have a few template on answering them,but this little encounter strike me a question that put me into thinking mode...

Man: Hi kawan, ini kedai ada ajar orang macam saya ini tua?
Dennis: Ajar apa kawan?
Man: ajar ini gitar la...ini kayu punya saya minat dulu muda...sikalang tua susah belajar...
Dennis: Bolehhh..... kenapa tak boleh...Encik mahu belajar... Saya boleh ajar punya...
Man: Ada orang macam saya ini tua belajar ka?
Dennis: Ada...... yang paling tua punya student saya ajar umur 75 tahun... Dia cakap tak dapat belajar dia mati pun tak kamwan.
Man: Ini macam ka....bagus bagus....

Thinking mode:
In my opinion.... any adult of any age can learn the guitar or any musical instrument.
All the reasons of hard bones or inflexible fingers are all BS to me. To me the reasons we give ourselves because we are either lazy or too close minded. Seriously, do you think a kid will have flexible fingers before they ever learn to play the guitar? No...they are as inflexible as adults are. The differences between adults and kids learn guitars are that adult knows too much which put them into a position of denial.They "Thought" they know.. but actual in reality are just make believe. To me, i always say to them " Why not? You have not try, how would you know you can't?" 

The only thing that is really really important to learn to play any musical instruments regardless of the skills is this.

                     P  A  S  S  I  O  N

Without this, any one of any age, any background, any state at all... can't learn anything.
When you have passion... you can achieve anything....Django played with 2 fretting fingers..
Tommy iommi played without fingertips.. The drummer of Def Leppard played with 1 arm only..
Beethoven is deaf.. 
With or without talent is another story... PASSION needs to be there...
I have taught over 30 adults ranging from age 30 to 75. All of them ended up playing the songs of their teens and enjoyed it.... I'm proud of it too...

Some updates of MSA?

We now got a wall of guitars!! YAY!!
We Got so many Students and we are not afraid to have more!!
We Got new Teachers for guitar/piano/vocals!!
Dennis is BZ, Teck Chai is BZ!!!

Sorry for the slow blogging!!! 

We Love you guys!!!! Meanwhile enjoy this song!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guitarist Not A Guitarist?

Taking guitar lesson for 2 years, memorize all common chord shapes, practice scales up and down the fretboard everyday. Still not a guitarist? Still can't perform or telling people you're good at playing the guitar?
Still doubt with yourself about if you really can play the guitar after all this? Thought about you're not born to play it?
Have you ever run those words through your head sometimes?
recently i have a student, just came to me about a few months ago. He have been changing guitar teachers because he thought that the problems he is having is simply because the teacher is just not good enough.
Partly true , i saw him as a guitarist with many musician problems.
As mentioned, he is well equip with chords , scales and some pop tunes. But as i look into those musician eyes, i saw him trapped.

Trapped by his own mind. After the few lessons i gave him, is not to improve him but for me to analyse his problems. the problems that is preventing him from excelling to be better, to improve.
I found out and i told him in the previous class,
I told him, the problems is not with your teachers. All that they taught you , you can perform well. The only stone stuck in your drain is your mind. I also found out that he have no favorite music, he does not listen to music much and only listen to the radio once in a while while in a car.
How can you play music if listening to music isn't one of your hobby?
All those are major problems, you may need to feed your ears in order to be creative and musical. Music IS a listening art. Why would you want to even play the guitar if you don't listen to music?
Ah HA!!!
I found the answer...... He said he saw a guitarist in a concert on television  , soloing his best on the guitar. That inspire him to pickup the guitar, and now he realize that he have forgotten about it when started learning.
Your first inspiration on picking up the guitar is very important, that determine and keeps your desire running while learning and playing music in your life.
He start learning and listening to music since that day, i expose him with many guitarist and different genre of music. He improve rapidly and most important he enjoyed more than before.

In MUSIC STAR ACADEMY we don't only give lesson, we cared if you don't enjoy the way you should in music. 

SO call us : 0123607139 - Dennis , 0166322678 - Teck Chai
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