Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Signboard Are Important ??

We practically waited almost 2months for our application for business & signboard license to be approved. We started out our business then with a registered company name while waiting for it. Been very lucky i would say to get it in 2months cause i have friends of other companies waited more than 4 months and have to follow up on it TO GET IT. Sometimes they get the " You want it now? I can get for you now, if you know what i mean?" kinda thing. I learn a lot on owning your own music school and running it, I have customer claimed that we are a scam and will leave with their money after collecting it simply because we haven't have our signboard up. I mean he is talking about his RM80/= , if i would scam i might consider 7 digits fee to really do it. LOL....
We spend 2months on students enrolling but most of them are friends and people that knew us. It was regular. The thing happen after we manage to put our flag up. 
The MUSIC STAR ACADEMY signboard, we got a great deal. RM530 complete on installing, we got lucky enough to have a box ready and was given by our landlord.We only need to print the front and install it. A Steal i would say.
Before this, i never knew what a signboard may or may not do to a school. I don't see the help as it only serves a purpose of owning a company and do a little in promoting. After we put it up i was amazed by it's power. A 13' x 4' piece of printing that consist of a design with a company's name or logo on it, has the power to attract people. 
I am amazed that my phone don't stop ringing and when i pickup , it's about a new student or a customer interested to buy 1 of my products. We now have BZ Sundays, and long weekdays of customer. 
MSA is now almost 5 months and we achieve a lot. As for you readers of this blog and loyal MSAs, 
we promise to bring you the next level of music industry in Melaka. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slide Along Side

(Recommneded to play the video while reading for max effect) :)
Have you used them before? Tried one in your fingers? sliding them on your strings?
If i ask 10 guitarist here in Melaka, almost all of them are strangers to slide. Yes they knew what it is, what does it do and stuffs but not many seems to know how to use it. Heck i don't think they even own 1. 
The method used in playing slides are very different from the normal finger fretting way of common guitar playing. You fret a note play it and you have fingerings to remember and chords in standard tuning. Ok here's the catch, most guitarist here are lazy and afraid to tune their guitar to open tuning. Again , i don't think most of them know about open tuning. Open D, open G , coz most folks here don't know. Ignorant? I don't wanna answer that, i'll just say "hey, they just not expose to that". In playing slides, you now need to be on the fret not between anymore, the phrasing would need to change coz your sliding not fretting.  It's more organic here,   if you wanna play by books it's difficult coz now you need to use your ears just like a violin player.. Haha pawned, for the average guitarist that have years depending on the frets to tell them which note they are on. They can't seems to do it, then they choose to forget it and close it. For us in MSA, we actually teach slide guitar playing .... coz we can..(and i know they are slides player out there but unknown)
And i'm talking about playing slides to the songs of Elmore James, Muddy Waters and other great blues musician that started off playing with slides.

We have different type of slides to choose from, all differ from how they produce the tone. Steel slides, Ceramic slide, glass slides and the famous medicine bottle slides. Many more materials in producing slides. Lap steel guitar? That's too far for explanation, i don't think we have one in Melaka...LOL

FOr you guys who are interested in slide guitar playing , i would recommend to hear Derek trucks from Allman bros and also Warren Haynes. Elmore James, Muddy Waters and they will led you to more great slide guitar players.

We are selling also, the medicine bottle slide at RM25/=

Come get one and SLIDE ALONG SIDES!!!!

Wanna Update on Our MSA since it's now
4 MONTHS old... HURRAY!!!!!
Yes, we sold off our amps and guitars and now we are waiting for new stuffs to come in. More and more students and Later we are holding guitar forums!!!! Stay Tune!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weird Awesome Amazing Guitars Pt. 2

Actually i wanted to post about bottleneck slides and the famous players using slides but i can't help it. I have to POST the weird awesome amazing guitars findings that i got.
This time i'm looking at the guitars people made with scraps. People from africa and people during the 1920's, not much money then and only Rich people can enjoy such instruments. The folks can only think of making their own, such as the cigar box guitars or guitars made out from brooms and wires.
This guy is popular in youtube posting guitars and ukuleles made up for sell.
 He is now holding is a ukulele made from shoebox.

Oil Can Guitars.....

Guitar made with mint candy tin
Guitar made by a bicycle

Cookie tin guitar

Oh ya... Music Star Academy's signboard is up. come check us out !!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weird Awesome Amazing Guitars Pt. 1

We know we saw many, we thought we saw it all but is there a limit? Is There "ALL" in music? The more you know the more you don't know. Right? Have you ever experienced?
You learn guitar, hoping to play and strum some songs, later learn to solo, then fingerstyle acoustic then double hand picking, slide, jazz chords, improvisation African music ...bla bla bla bla.....
TODAY.. MSA  is going to share with you our investigation on weird guitars. The weirdest guitar i know when i started exposing to it is the 12 string guitar and some guitars with different color that is not available here in Malaysia. Then the double neck then headless. Now, those are just common. I mean factory mass produce them. = Common.
As you guys know I'm a guitar freak from Head to Toe, these are not enough. I started a journey discovering weird awesome amazing guitars, So just sit back and enjoy the beautiful creation of your brothers & sisters in Music......

 1) Muffler Guitar

These guitars are made from a car's muffler. The neck is inserted so as the bigsby & pups.
The Band Homemade Jamz from the USA uses these babys. You have a guitar and a bass. Crafted by their father.
The chrome finished on these guitars is so amazing!!!!
 2 brothers playing and singing the blues while the sister plays the drums and harmonica from their father.

2) The Sword!!!

By ESP custom shop, i think a guy from Japan made it.
This guitar me remind me of playing Monster Hunter Freedom United on the PSP.

While jamming can slay dragon..LOL
Cool eh?..

3) Harp Guitars
Ok, i saw Andy Mckee playing one of these on his youtube video. check out more below.

We need a complicated guy to play this complicated guitar..?

So Far so good.?

We will be back with more