Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi FOlks!!

How has it been? You guys tried out an Ukulele yet?
I have been posting about ukuleles last month and yes i do apologized that it is not ENOUGH!! lol..
Anyway it's because of MSA's heavy heavy metal duties and task on hand... but i promise you guys i will
I WILL keep posting blogs on time...!! if not i'll slap myself
Oh rite!!, today i am goin to let you know that we have tons of ukulele in store for you guys...
So do come and test....

Yes, beautiful ya? I put on the hangers myself... oh well you know me.. I like to DIY my on shop not because i don't wanna pay someone else to do it, but i do like to build anything from 0%. (workaholic!!)

and yes if your asking i took the photo myself too with my 30D EOS DSLR.....

So what are you guys waiting for???

Come on DOwn to MUSIC STAR ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!